Eyelinez is a small product with a big mission, and we're happy to share some of the story of how Eyelinez came to be!

What Are Eyelinez?

Maintaining proper eye contact with a camera is not a new challenge.  In fact, the challenge has existed ever since anyone had to stare into a cold dark camera as if they were engaging with a smiling human.  An "eyeline" is where the speaker is looking and Eyelinez is the solution to enable you to maintain a natural and engaging eyeline with the camera.

The Eyelinez Story

Mark has been a student of public speaking and executive presence ever since he was introduced to the stage during his sophomore year of high school. His latest studies of public speaking are what led to the genesis of Eyelinez.

In a recent Master Stage Class that Mark took (virtually), motivational speaker Vinh Giang addressed the all important subject of maintaining eye contact during virtual conversations and presentations. He gave a simple - but effective - tip for mastering the art of genuinely engaging with the cold, black hole at the top of your screen: put a sticky note with a smile on it near the camera.  Mark immediately implemented this, but quickly found that it still felt awkward (maybe even more so) to look to the side of the camera.  It wasn't long before an errant sticker left out by one of his kids motivated Mark to take a different approach - Mark took a circular sticker, drew a smiley face on it, punched a hole out of the center for the nose, and placed it over his webcam.

As the first prototype gazed back at Mark, it invoked an instinctive smile - and Eyelinez was born.

Our Mission

Eyelinez is a simple product with an outsized mission: to connect you to what you love most, wherever you are.


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