Eye-lines: The Key to the Perfect Photo

Photo credit: Andriyko Podilnyk, Unsplash

Our mobile phones have turned us all into amateur photographers. Throw in filters, portrait modes, and photo editing apps, and no wonder it’s easy to think we can just point the phone at someone and end up with a great shot.

But if you want to step up your portrait photography game, there’s one thing that matters more than all the filters and crop tools, and that’s good old human connection.

Line it up

When taking a photo, be conscious of the subject’s eye-line --  the implied line that follows the person’s line of sight in a photograph.

For portraits that create a personal connection with the viewer, the subject’s eye-line should aim directly into the camera’s lens. Otherwise, the mood will be intimate in a very different way, as the viewer merely observes the subject rather than seeing and being seen by the subject.
But oftentimes, the subjects we most want to capture have a hard time finding the lens and forging that eye-line.

Eyelinez to the rescue

Photo credit: Steven Libralon, Unsplash

Quick story. Learning this lesson the hard way, I once attempted to play school photographer in lieu of forking over the $45 to download one fridge-magnet-sized photo of my kid’s school picture. How hard could taking one photo be, when I took literally dozens daily?

Spoiler alert -- this did not go well.

A big part of the problem? I was trying to get a headshot instead of a candid photo, but she had no idea where to look because, well, there are THREE lenses!

With Eyelinez, I can say to her, “look at the unicorn!” and she’ll know exactly which lens I’m talking about. First day of school portraits and holiday cards will be so much easier to tackle!

Since they can be added to tablets, phones, and even desktops, Eyelinez make it easy to take a great portrait no matter what device you’re on.

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