Quick Start Guide

Eyelinez are super simple to use, with the short of it being to:

  1. Clean the surface you will apply the Eyelinez to: Using a non-abrasive microfiber cloth, wipe down the surface you will apply Eyelinez to.
  2. Carefully remove your Eyelinez of choice from the Eyelinez sheet: To remove your selected Eyelinez, peel up one edge of the Eyelinez to remove it from the Eyelinez sheet.  If the center of the Eyelinez proves stubborn, simply use a pen, fingernail, or tweezers to push out the center-punch of the Eyelinez--the center will easily separate, sometimes it just needs a little encouragement!
  3. Center the Eyelinez around your camera:  This can be the tricky part (especially with the smallest Eyelinez)… try using tweezers to precisely place the Eyelinez, and view the surface under bright light with the screen off so that you can easily see the miniature camera to center the Eyelinez around. 
  4. (Most importantly) Smile and connect!  Once firmly affixed to your target location, the only thing left to do is shift your eye contact to your Eyelinez, smile, and connect!  The whole point of Eyelinez is to inconspicuously serve as a reminder wher your audience is… to look up, smile, and connect.

Removing Eyelinez

(because it’s time to swap in your new favorite Eyelinez design, right?)

  1. Peel off Eyelinez:  Using a fingernail or some other non-abrasive edge, carefully peel up the edge of the Eyelinez to then remove completely.
  2. Clean surface:  There’s unlikely to be any residual adhesive, but if there is, use a clean, non-abrasive microfiber cloth to clean the surface and remove any remaining adhesive.
  3. Put on your new favorite Eyelinez!  (see above )


  • Eyelinez are meant to stay put, but they may not survive extreme circumstances… if your Eyelinez loses its way, no problem!  There are multiple Eyelinez on every sheet, and you can buy multiple Eyelinez at once to save and ensure you always have your favorite (or new favorite )  on hand.  
  • If you have another questions, we are always here to help, and please don’t hesitate to connect with us so that we can keep you connected with what you love most, no matter where you are.


For integrated cameras, it can be confusing to figure out which Eyelinez will work best for your device. The important thing to ensure is that the opening of your Eyelinez is bigger than the camera opening on your device. The smallest integrated camera Eyelinez is perfect for narrow bezels. The other two sizes can be used on many devices, and both sizes include an option that can accommodate wide-angle lenses; choose the outer diameter size you’d like to use, and then select the Eyelinez with the correct camera size opening… if you’re not sure, you can test it out by placing the size you think will work around your camera, then checking the video display to ensure the image isn't cropped and doesn't have a “halo” around it. 

Eyelinez are designed to be repositionable and removable, so if you get it wrong, simply remove the first Eyelinez and try the next size up!

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