Eyelinez was born out of the need to connect. We hope you find the resources below helpful in your journey to create more meaningful virtual connections!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are eyelines?

An eyeline is the imaginary line of sight a person establishes with a camera. Actors, newscasters, and anyone regularly looking into a camera need to know where to look, and eyelines help maintain continuity of eye sight direction.

OK, then what are "Eyelinez"?

Eyelinez are a focus and engagement aid, drawing your attention to the camera and your audience, while also helping you more naturally engage and connect with your virtual audience.

How do you apply Eyelinez?

Carefully remove your chosen Eyelinez from the Eyelinez sheet, being sure to remove the center cutout, and center around your webcam. Once initially placed on your device, you can gently slide the Eyelinez into it's finally position. If needed, tweezers can help properly place the Eyelinez.

How do you remove Eyelinez?

Eyelinez are made using a very low-tack adhesive, so you can usually simply peel up the Eyelinez.

Will Eyelinez leave any residue behind?

The adhesive we use is a very light, low tack adhesive. When removed, Eyelinez may leave some traces of adhesive behind, and this is easily removed with a dry, lint free micro-fiber cloth.

Can you reuse Eyelinez?

You can, but Eyelinez are not designed for re-use. We include multiple Eyelinez in each pack so that you have enough of your favorite design to cover all your devices and changing fancies!

Will Eyelinez fall off?

We hope not! Eyelinez are made using a low-tack adhesive, so while it's secure enough to handle normal use-cases (including going in and out of a pocket or purse on a phone), if subjected to more extreme use cases (including excessive moisture) it's possible for Eyelinez to fall off. In which case, just grab another Eyelinez from the pack, and you're back to connecting with what you love most, wherever you are!

Can you use Eyelinez with webcam covers?

Usually, yes! For most applications, there's an Eyelinez size that will let you use it in conjunction with a webcam cover, with the webcam cover essentially sitting over the Eyelinez, so that when you open the webcam cover, peek-a-boo, there's your Eyelinez smiling back!

What can I stick Eyelinez on?

Anything!! The current version of Eyelinez is designed such that there’s sure to be a size that will work with most laptops, tablets, smartphones, and displays. Sign up to be notified when we release new versions for additional devices!

How do I choose the right size Eyelinez for my camera?

For integrated cameras (i.e., smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.), grab any Eyelinez integrated camera multi-pack, and you're sure to get the size you need (as every pack contains 5 different sizes for max compatibility). For external webcams, there are Standard and Large sizes... the Standard size will work for the vast majority of webcams; choose the Large webcam size if the camera opening is larger than 9/16 inch, or 14.3mm.

Ok, now how do I know which of the integrated camera sizes to use?

The short answer is to try the size you think will work; if it doesn't, simply try the next size up! Eyelinez are designed to be repostitionable and removable, so you can easily nudge an Eyelinez into place or remove it entirely (when the time comes to swap it out for your new favorite Eyelinez design  :-). Both the medium and large integrated camera Eyelinez include an option to accomodate wide-angle lenses. See here for more detail.

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